Jocelyn K. Ramirez, Administrator


Cell: 907-209-8171 (New Cell # as of 10.01.2018)

Calls will be returned after 5:00p.m.

4 Responses to Contact

  1. Krisi Selvig says:

    Trying to contact Rudy bean, can you please give me his number? Or have him call me at 723-0430, I have a potential player, div 1. Thanks


  2. I would recommend finding him on facebook. He is not managing a team this year but is playing. Check the Men’s division 1 team pages.


  3. Adam Brown says:

    Why will one team in division 1 men’s not be in the tournament?


  4. Hi Adam, due to the late start reserving gym times, we only had until the end of January to complete the season. As mentioned on the playoffs page we limited playoffs to either a 4 team or 6 team single elimination bracket based on league size. Men’s D1, Men’s D2 both have 1 team that didn’t make the playoffs, while Men’s D3 has 2 teams. Managers were notified of this possibility at the beginning of the season.


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