Island Pub

1. Nicole Fenumiai
2. Kailyn Sanders
3. Angie Kemp
4. Autumn Muse
5. Kendri Cesar
6. Shelly Hurt
7. Nicole Lupro
8. Tasha McKoy
9. Anne Nelson
10. JoyLynne Ribao
11. Danielle Larson
12. Heather Dillon
13. Taylor Larson



Subscribe to Team Schedule/Calendar (iPhone, Outlook, Google Calendar/Android)
The link above will take you to the Quickscores Website.   If you are using your cell phone, scroll down to the bottom and click on “View Full Site”.  Find the team whose schedule you want to sync your calendar with.  Click on the “Manual” button under the subscription column for that team.  Copy the URL address and follow the directions given.  Any changes we make to the schedule will be automatically synced with your calendar.  If you choose to ‘download’ the calendar (ical, csv, vcal files), it will not sync automatically with changes.  For Android users, please read the subscribing tips information fully.  The fastest way to sync the calendar is to download the ical file on a computer and import into google.