Men’s Division 2 Playoff Schedule


Be sure to check the final standings and updated playoff results on the schedule and results page for each division.  A master schedule of the playoffs can be found on the playoffs page.

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Individual Stats Now Available

It’s been a slow week of games so we were able to catch up on score sheets and stats finally!! (a few are still at FD for Men’s D1)

You can check out the individual stats for your team through the “Stats” link on your team page.  It will link up to a Google Doc so give it a few seconds to load.  We’ve also updated the “Stats Page” listed under the “City League” tab  – this lists the top 5 scoring leaders for each division.

Some Referees and Scorekeepers have been making note of players that have had great all-around games or sportsmanship, so we want to take the time to recognize those players:
Jennifer Kemp (W2- SE Storm)
Julie Staveland (W2 – State Farm)
Liz Paddock (W2 – Huna)
Tony Harding (M1 – TBG/McGivney’s)
Brett Reiley (M3 – AML)
Cole Cummins (M3 – AK Fudge Co.)
Brett Hildre (M3 – Expandables)
Raymond Jones (M3 – Earthmovers)
Kamal Lindoff (M3 – Huna 1 Time)

We hope everyone is enjoying the season so far!

-S.E. Reign Sports-

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Inaugural Season Underway


Our first season started last night with the Women’s Division 1 full court game at Dzantik’i Heeni Middle School.  This was the first time the D1 Women have been able to play full court during City League and similar to their reappearance at Gold Medal, the women rose to the occasion.  Team Latitude 58 and Team Island Pub battled back and forth all game. Latitude 58 pulled out the 2 pt. victory in the final period, 48-46.

We finished the night with 3 Men’s D3 games, 2 Women’s D2 games, and 1 Men’s D2 game.  The gym was full most of the night and every team showed up ready to play.  It was great to see (and feel) the level of competition so high to start the season.  We got a chance to see some great talent and some great basketball. We’re looking forward to the rest of season as teams start to gel together.  Every game counts this year so thank you to those who dedicate themselves to this game and all the staff that make this league possible.

You can check results from last night’s games through the Division links on the Schedule & Results page.

A couple of friendly reminders:

We are not allowed access to the locker rooms, so come dressed and ready to play.

Jerseys and numbers – we will give you the benefit of the doubt for the first couple of games because we started the season so fast.  But we do need permanent numbers (not tape or marker) on jerseys and everyone needs to be in the same color.

New Player registrations are due by 4pm Saturday to be eligible for Sunday’s games.

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Schedules & Rosters Available Online!

All of the Team Pages (listed under the ‘City League’ tab) are officially up to date with rosters and schedules.  We’ll use these pages to add a team photo and stats as the season progresses.  Rosters will be updated daily as players continue to trickle in those registrations.  Please remember that players need to be registered and paid for online by 4pm one day prior to their first eligible game.  Scorekeepers will already have official rosters on hand for each game, no changes or write-ins will be allowed at game time.

Special thanks to all the managers and scorekeepers and refs that showed up to the meetings today.  If your team was eligible for the Win, this will be reflected in the standings at the end of the season.

We’re really looking to improve this league for everyone involved, including the community, so thank you for all your support so far.

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Manager’s Meeting & Referee/Scorekeeper’s Meeting – Sunday 11.9.14

There will be a mandatory manager’s meeting on Sunday, November 9th from 12:30-1:30 at the Thunder Mountain High School Library.  Schedules will be released on this day as well as detailed information about the upcoming season.  Games start Thursday November 13th.

There will also be a Referee/Scorekeepers meeting immediately following the manager’s meeting from 1:30-3:00.  Information about the season, rules, and league changes will be reviewed.  This will also be the time to fill out applications/contracts and schedule requests.

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Registration Day!

Thanks to everyone that completed their Team and Individual Online Registrations before the deadline!!!! There is definitely a learning curve with the new online system, but it seemed to run pretty smoothly and will only get better. We have 20+ teams and 130+ players registered so far. If you’re interested in putting a team in, online team registration has closed so you will need to contact Jocelyn Ramirez to set up an appointment.

Also… EVERYONE NEEDS TO COMPLETE AN INDIVIDUAL ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM… even if your information is on the Team Registration already… it is a MANDATORY FORM & FEE that must be completed for you to be able to play this year (just like in the past with CBJ City League). We need these forms filled out for liability, insurance, photo releases, emergency contacts, etc. The cost is $55 + a $3 online transaction fee. Click here for Individual Registration Form.

Registration for players is open until the holiday break, but we need at least 24 hours to update the roster… so don’t expect to play the same day you sign up. We will supply scorekeepers with the most up-to-date rosters already filled out on game day score sheets (managers will only need to enter player numbers) – this will allow more time for actual “warm-ups” as well as prevent any teams from trying to use “pick up” players to fill their squad or have an unfair advantage. Just another example of improvements and changes we’re working on to make this league better for everyone!!!

-Respect the Game-

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Welcome to the 2014-15 Juneau City League Season

Thank you for checking out our new website!  We hope to keep this up-to-date with the latest information, schedules, stats, photos, and more.  The online registration links are up and should be ready to go shortly… proof we’re already stepping up our game by offering this new and convenient feature for Juneau City League Basketball Players.  We hope you enjoy the improvement and look forward to some more as we get ready to open up our first season.

-SE Reign Sports-

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